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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ah..berbangkit pula pasal kawan ni..
like Alan Cheah my computer lecturer said "There 3 things that you can trust.First is your God,second is your family,third is me." so mana kawan kita?Bullshit lah...XD.die cakap lagi "And your must trust me because I'm your friend"

die ckp lg "If your friend got 3.8 or something and u get 2.0 will your friend willing to share their pointer to you?.Who's your true friend now?" wuu...memang pedih ayat ni...and fyi korang..die bwat kuiz arituh.Total marks 5/5,tapi dia bagi either 6 or -1.sapa2 dpat jawab dapat 6 lah or else -1.Dia siap cakap,boleh donate marks kita kat budak2 ni.Memang menguji semangat kekawan -an dalam kelas tu.Most of us donate tapi ada yang tidak,tapi kitorang tak paksa tok derma.Ada pepatah kata,kalau kita tolong orang,nanti bila kita susah orang tolong kita balik.

Ramai kata Mr Alan Cheah ni mental or something like that but that is the truth.Everything he says is not just plain word.He talks base on his experience.Not talking zero (kosong XD) and this situation is happening rite in front of me.

What I can say is that,friendship is a must if we are living in the University.We can't make all things alone,we need support form our friend as well.

Hell yeah Mr Alan Cheah!